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My 2019 Plans!

Greetings everyone! You are all amazing, wonderful and beautiful! Hope everyone is having an amazing day so far, but if you are not having an okay day, know that you can get through all the hard struggles. Don’t give up, if you want to lash out, do it if it will make you feel good! Lots of love and support from me to everyone! 

My very first blog was just an introduction and I promised you all that i would talk about the plans I’ve made for the new year, 2019. Let’s hear the drum rolls please! 

I welcomed the new year with a new challenge. A challenge that gives me the opportunity to grow and learn about new things.

This new challenge is called Hack o’ mation. Now, what is Hack o’ mation? Hack o’ mation is a competition that gives youngsters, but also older people the chance to broaden their horizons. By that they get the chance to fulfill whatever their imaginations desire when it comes to new technology and innovation.

Why is Hack o’ mation a new challenge for me? Because this is something way out my comfort zone. I have never been much of a tech person. My field of expertise is environmental science. The few things I know about ICT is working with Microsoft office. That’s it! So yes, of course this will become a new challenge for me that I will definitely face with bravery and lots of courage. This is also a way for me to develop myself. I shouldn’t only stay in my comfortable little box. But I have to explore, challenge myself more, learn new things in order for me to grow. Wish me luck!

I look at this new challenge with much eagerness and enthusiasm because I will find myself in a different setting. I have the chance to meet new people with different backgrounds and their expertise on other things. That is what makes this challenge even more exciting.

So far, I’m having a blast. I’m making new friends and have been learning about IoT, Internet of Things. I still need to process all the information. I feel extremely happy and that feels so amazing!

That came on number 1 of my list for 2019! On number 2 is something I also see as a challenge. It is intriguing, fun amazing, yet a challenge. My second challenge is my blog! Writing a blog can be a bit of a struggle. Why? Because you have to think about the content you want to write about, how you want to write that content, the layout, honestly everything!

Never in my entire life I thought I would start with my very own blog. Honestly, I really love it and sometimes I get amazed by the things I write about and how I relay the information. It gives me such an immense joy to write and the best part of it is that I get to share all of this with everyone! I really hope I’ll keep doing this. I have a dream that one day I will publish my very first book. Hopefully I’ll get to do that and in the future you’ll all read my books.

Looking at my list, this one is very important. Number 3 on my list is getting my propaedeutic diploma and proceeding to graduate from the Anton de Kom University. I want to graduate in 2020 or 2021. After graduating I would love to work for organizations such as CI stands for Conservation International, ACT stands for Amazon Conservation Team or maybe work for big businesses such as Staatsolie, IAMGOLD SURINAME or Rosebel Gold Mine in an environment department.

Now, this one is also a very important goal I am determined to achieve. I have a dream to be financial independent. Before I get there, I have to become financial literate. At the moment I have tons of books to read. A book I’ve finished recently was Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book is a must read to understand why you should become financial independent. It has helped me with my mindset.

A book I’m currently reading is “Currency Trading for dummies”.
Other books I have on my list are:
1. Think and Grow Rich
2. How to win friends and influence people
3. The 7 habits of highly effective people
For now these books are on top of my reading list. Very small steps to be financially literate.

Another challenge that I have given myself is programming. I have decided to start taking basic programming courses. Why is that? I guess I want to see how far I can go. I am challenging myself.

So far this is how I’ve planned my 2019. Very excited for this but also for other opportunities! That is it for this blog post. I hope you like it! Until the next one! Farewell and have a good day or night wherever you are!


My 2019 Journey Begins!!!!

Date: 28 January 2019

On this day I, Cheyenne Martodikromo, have decided to write my own blog. On this blog of mine I will write about my own personal experiences in life, publish a few of my poems and about topics that interest me.

Before I start writing about these topics I would like to first introduce myself. Who I am, the field of study that I’ve chosen, what my interests/ hobbies are, things I am passionate about and so forth. So, here goes!

My name is Cheyenne Martodikromo and I am 20 years of age. I am from the continent South America and I live in a land called Suriname. A very beautiful land with lots of nature, different cultures, many languages but also delicious food. The Surinamese flag has four colors and also has a star. The colors are green, white, red and yellow (the star). I would like to give a short explanations what these colors mean.

  1. Green symbolizes the fertility of the land, our country Suriname.
  2. White represents the freedom, justice and peace.
  3. Red symbolizes the progress and struggle for a better life.
  4. Yellow, the color of the star symbolizes the hope for a “golden” future, and also unity of all the different races in our country to help build a beautiful future for our Suriname.

The school I am attending is called Anton de Kom University, and the field of study I have chosen is Environmental Science. Many people have asked me why I chose this field of study and as an answer I have always told them that I am passionate about our nature and our environment. During some classes I have even found out that a slight change in our nature can cause a whole change. Think about CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Climate change can even have an impact on our lives, not only does it bring natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, tsunami’s, but also an impact on our health and even personal relationships.

Let’s continue with my introduction. Well, as a person I may or may not have hobbies. I mean every person is different right, not everyone must have hobbies. But I guess i do, so, what do I love? (Hums) Of course I love food like any other human being. Food has been my very first love of my life. Sounds silly, but I think food has been everyone’s first love. Right?

I love reading, any book that has romance, thriller, comedy, actually something that will keep me on the edge of my chair will do. But not only these genres do I read, but reading a book that will surely give a hand in my self-development process, is a very great book for me. A book I am reading at the moment is RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI. I just love that book.

So my hobbies in order are:

  1. reading;
  2. writing poems (yes oh yes, I write poems. Over the last 3 years I have been writing poems. Probably more about heart breaks *giggles*. After a heart break every person can suddenly become a poet right. But honestly I have always loved writing poems. And I hope with this blog of mine I can share some of it with all of you);
  3. cycling (even though I haven’t cycled for almost 2 years now, I still love doing it. Whenever I cycle, it is like I am imagining I am in this broad way show and then a fun song just pops in my head. Such a sunny weather and me, a fun girl, cycling, enjoying a beautiful sunny day);
  4. watching movies (who doesn’t love watching a good movie in bed. That is how my lazy Sunday looks like);
  5. learning new things;
  6. cooking ( I am the chef in my own kitchen, experimenting all kinds of weird food that actually turn out delicious *evil laugh*);
  7. while I love cooking, a very important hobby that goes with it is eating.

Should I reveal a bit about my personal life? Maybe or maybe not. Maybe just a bit. I am currently in a very loving and understanding relationship with the most crazy (good crazy I must add), annoying, funniest, quite good-looking, and very caring guy. As his own person he has tons of great qualities. As my partner he helps me with my personal growth. He has inspired me to start with my own blog. I can 100% say that he is MY MUSE!

I would love to share my plans for 2019. The questions is will I do it on my next post? All I can say is stay tuned! Have a great day and make the most out of it! Until next time!